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Fri, Jul. 19th, 2002, 11:35 am

the inaudible spider crawls through the insides of my legs
continues through my stomach
and rests on my throat
my head is thrown back
my limbs stiff, poisoned with the burning sensation of its power
and growing heavy
its eyes look in mine
its limbs knit a covering of silk
in which i can safely sleep eternity away
with its soft eyes it tells me about the journey
where i'll go is up to me, and no one else
away, thats for sure.
the destination is the same, but the ways are infinite
only i can choose
how far will i go, the soft blackness questions me
but knows that even i can't tell untill i go there
pick a thread of my web and find your way
and keep your mind light and unburdened
because the lighter you are, the longer my web will hold you
if you weigh yourself down it will break and you will be
left standing
and no longer being able to progress.
now its clear to me how to travel there, but i still don't know where
and as it sits on me it drinks up all the nervous energy pouring out of my head
and my mind grows slow and heavy like my limbs.
good night sweet spider
wake me up when i return

Fri, Jul. 19th, 2002 05:15 pm (UTC)

thank you. alot.

i wrote out a tangent about a spectacularly satisfying death an entry ago i think.
i wrote back to one of your comments a few days ago, too... wonder if you got it. it's so good to hear you're out there and thriving creatively, we miss you, mother earth.