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Mon, Nov. 3rd, 2003, 07:47 pm

So last night i read until 4 am tom robbins' "Skinny leggs and all", drank 3 grogs during that time,(don't know, is that the way they call herbal tea with rum and honey in america? i've forgotten...) and finally fell asleep, spinning into a cosmic colorful universe of lights when i closed my eyes, partially due to the attempts of pranayama while falling asleep....all in all, very typical night....but the dream was so very bizzare, that maybe i need to explain it.....i was walking somewhere with my aunt Maria, whom i live with....we walked into a room that kind of resembled a shrine, and walked up to an alter....or something similar, at least giving of those kinds of vibes...then my aund said that there she felt the presence of virgin mary strongly.....while i tried to feel it, some type of force materialized in the space around me, squeezed me from all sides, pushed me and i fell to the ground....it was inside of me thought that the force had the greatest power.....at first i stopped breathing, and then i started again but the breathing was different, as though i was breating cosmic air, taking in the whole universe and at the same time being part of everything....this apparantly contradicting feeling of being the smallest and the greatest particle was so overpowering and realistic that i began to cry in my dream....the rest of the dreams were more realistic, having to do with events going on in life here....anyway, when i woke up i realized that i had cried during the night, my eyes were swollen and puffy....but why the virgin mary, i have given so little thought to her, and still don't see that much the significance....had it been ishtar, isis, astarte.....or some other incarnation or name of hers i would more like believe it....who knows, maybe there is a connection??? besides, today while waiting for the trolley some guy tried to sell me a callendar with the virgin on the front for some charity...well, this episode is just getting scribbled down in the notebook of my life....today when the tram was going by and i was waiting for my transport to my lesson, i looked at all the people inside, looking out, everyone either sitting or standing....and it looked like a staff with the musical notes written out, each a different hight, lenght, color.....hahaha, a city's symphony can be seen or heard anywhere.... and i'm beginning to hear the one here....