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Mon, Nov. 3rd, 2003, 08:05 pm
current life

so,for those who don't know but are interested, i moved from Pomorie, the wonderful city by the sea which has so much mysticism and karmic significance (which i will write of another time) into the biggest city in bulgaria, the capital sofia.....at least i'm no longer subjected to the small town mentality which is so degrating of even the strongest character. Now i'm living at my aunt's house, who is a psychiatrist and in all a very interesting woman whom i have not known my entire life until now....and will be moving into an apartment with two other girls soon to at least have my independence that i've gotten used to the past year living alone....i'm going to a university which is the only one in bulgaria fashioned in an american educational system, studying music and only music...harmony, theory, piano, etc....and going to bassoon lessons at the bulgarian musical academy, with a wonderful professor who is actually just as good as the one that i left behind in oc....and responsible entirely for this wonderful situation is my uncle/dad steve.....well, the bassoon came from many of you, and i thank you so increadibly much....had it not appeared, i probably would not be involved in any kind of music....but my dad, being inspired by the fact that my friends have been so generous to me, even more than i could have ever expected, and the changes he saw in me when he came, bought me another bassoon, more professional so that i could play possibly in some good orchestras here...so now i have to bassoon babies, love them both, and play with them every day...named matisse and marti :) anyway, he is taking care of me, supporting me financially extremely well, and in all i have nothing to complain of....i have been here for a month now, and this is the longest i have ever been away from joro, my love....the cosmic father of our future star children, the other half of me, of our diad, that magician whom i share all my magic spells with....the soul whom i have promised my sould for eternity.....and living without him is very difficult at times, though i manage. one thing at least i have learned is how much i love him, being away from him for so long. and anyway, that's life, right?

joro smoking with friend chavdar

joro smoking

and joro high from all the smoking

so now you know what he looks like ;)

Wed, Nov. 5th, 2003 11:12 pm (UTC)
snowwolfe: Hope you get this

Wow, haven't heard from you in a while. Glad to hear things are going good. I'm now at UC Santa Cruz and loving life to death. If you wanna talk or something, e mail me sajordan@ucsc.edu

Thu, Nov. 6th, 2003 04:00 am (UTC)
bsnchic: Re: Hope you get this

Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't heard from you in so damned long!!!! I'm so happy. How are things going with you, maaaaan? Its good you're loving life to death, not death as much as life, hehehehe. well that's not funny, anyway....i'm in hurry to go find me a place to live. no, i'm not on the street now, but at an aunt's house, which is almost but not quite that bad....i'm gonna email you a letter soon though...write back what's going on in the US...been so long since i talked to anyone from there!
~peace, elena~

Thu, Nov. 6th, 2003 11:04 am (UTC)
snowwolfe: Re: Hope you get this

Well, the US was taken over by ravenous space monkeys who force us all to listen to the soundtrack to West Side Story and eat raisins with maple syrup on them. Ok, things are't that good. Well, I got rejected from Berkeley but when I came to santa cruz I didn't really mind. In fact, I'm going to go to the admissions office at Berkeley and thank them for rejecting me. Matt and I broke up at the end of this past summer after I went backpacking with USCS. I have a new boyfriend (he's french and a bass player) and I'm basically happy as can be. (UCSC has a horseback riding team!!)

Tue, Nov. 11th, 2003 08:06 pm (UTC)

When you secure a habitat I'd like an address, oui?
Those pictures aren't working for me. :(
maybe you could email them to me? And I'd like to see a recent picture of you, as I suspect your visage has changed in the past year plus.